... . ............ The Menorca Detective Series by David E Burke

Book 1. Blue Murder.

Detective Inspector Frank Harmer thought early retirement would mean living the dream in the sun on the Balearic Island of Menorca. He thought wrong. The dream suddenly turns sour when a body turns up in a local bay.

Who is this person? Why is he so hard to identify? Why is he in the sea wearing evening clothes? Frank’s services are soon called upon by the local police to help solve the mystery.

Will this be just a case of plain sailing? Or will it turn out to be blue murder?

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Book 2. The Fiesta Murders.

Someone is using Menorca’s annual Fiestas to commit a series of bizarre murders. While it is true that Menorcans delight in lampooning their least favourite public figures at these lively and colourful celebrations, they usually draw the line at killing them.

The Fiesta Killer does not share their reserve. He kills with a ritualistic conviction and leaves clues hidden at each crime scene. But who is he? What is his motivation? Who will be his next victim? Police consultant Frank Harmer and DI Juan Diego Rodriguez once again join forces in a race to find out the answers. Before the killer can strike again.

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