Menorca Arts & venues

Menorca has always inspired Art. On canvas, in clay, and on camera, through dance and music. The light and the scenery just cry out to be captured and expressed. That’s why the island attracts so many artists - groups and individuals, professional and enthusiast. And it’s beauty isn’t confined to the summer season. In fact, the spring, autumn and winter see the island in a stunning array of moods and shades and colours.

Did you know?

The magnificently restored Teatro Principal at Mahon, first built in 1829, is the oldest Opera House in Spain.
The Jazz Club at the Casino, Sant Climent is internationally renown, with regular jazz nights throughout the summer season.
You will find local landscape artists sat at their easels at beauty spots in September and October.

Top tips

If you want to paint land or seascapes, Autumn is a good season to choose. The sunlight takes on a soft golden quality which makes the lovely greens and blues really vibrant - even in the middle of the day. Plus the fact that it isn't too hot outdoors.
Each August, during the Art Fair at Es Migjorn, resident artists open their homes to display their work to the public.
You can catch an open air concert or film at the indoor market in the Claustre del Carme, Mahon. The building surrounds a large square where the events take place.

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