Menorca golf & sports

You like sports with balls? You’re on to a winner in Menorca. There are plenty of clubs and centres on the island where you can whack a tennis ball, thwack a cricket ball, sink a hole in one, or bowl a wood. Just take your pick, bat, racquet or club for whatever balls you’re in2.

Did you know?

You will often see older Menorcan villagers enjoying a leisurely game of Petanca. It is much like the French game of Boules.
Basketball is the number one professional team sport in Menorca. The Vive Menorca team are stars of the National League.
Golf Son Parc is the only Meditterranean golf course to be located in a Unesco Biosphere Reserve.

Top tips

If cricket is your game then Menorca should be just your cup of tea as it has its very own Cricket Ground at Sant Lluis complete with Clubhouse and Bar. With weekly matches throughout the summer, everyone is welcome.
You'll find tennis courts at public centres and clubs all around the island. Court fees are very reasonable. Try those at Malbuger, Alaior, Sant Lluis and at many hotels and resorts.

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