Menorca activities holidays

Snorkelling, sailing, walking, riding, sightseeing, shopping, dining out… there are so many things to do and experience around Menorca, you will need more than one holiday to enjoy them all. There is something for everyone, young and not so young. Wherever you go and whenever you are on the island, this natural paradise is the perfect playground for those who want to do more than sunbathe by the sea – and when you want to do that you have more beautiful beaches to choose from than you can count.

It is best to book some activities online before you go, as they can be very much in demand during the season. You will find useful links to help you do this in many of the activities profiled on our website.

Menorca is truly an island that can be enjoyed in all seasons for a whole
range of adventure activities, from walking, cycling and horseback riding to sailing, scuba and windsurfing. With its mild Mediterranean climate, diverse landscape, rich flora and fauna, ancient sites and stunning scenery, it is as though it was designed to be experienced in harmony with the moods and wonders of the natural world.

Whether you experience Menorca by wheel, foot or water, there are many centres and experts that can help you make the most of your island adventure.



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