Menorca Wine

Menorca is not a place that people readily associate with wine production.

But then, Menorca does have quite a significant wine producing history. Way back in the 19th century there was quite a thriving winemaking industry here, with a healthy export trade. But at the end of the century, recession and the great European vine disease all but finished off the Menorcan vineyards. Happily, of late the menorcan wine industry is enjoying something of a revival.

So much so, that many of the island’s vineyards are now in line for the coveted Denominacion de Origen stamp, and Menorcan wines are joining the vanguard of Spanish labels beating back the all consuming tide of New World wines that swamped Europe during the last decade or so.

Since the 1980’s, modern vinification set in motion a new chapter that has culminated today in six vineyards or Bodegas producing Menorcan wines of international acclaim and revitalising the Menorcan wine export trade. In fact, in the last few years Menorcan Wines have come to prominence and made quite an impression on the international wine scene, winning awards and pleasing the palate of the most demanding wine connoisseurs.

To receive the official certification ‘Illa de Menorca regional wine’ only certain varieties of grapes may be used, and production must use traditional techniques applied to modern technology.

Menorcan Reds are typically bright cherry red, well rounded, full with red fruits and spicy aromas. Menorcan Whites are fruity and fresh, pale yellow, with herbaceous fragrances like fresh cut grass.

One of the most notable success stories is that of Bodegas Binifadet, located a near Sant Lluis on the southern side of the island. The vineyard was created in 1979 and is now Menorca’s premiere winery, producing Menorca Winesome exceptional wines in a modern Bodega, purpose built for optimum vinification, ageing in oak barrels, and bottling on site.

The Bodega can be visited all year round, with guided tours where you can discover how these exquisite wines are made, enjoy a tasting (or two!) sample some of their other delicious products  - and enjoy traditional Menorca meal on the delightful B Terrace, perfectly complemented by a their fine wines.

All Bodegas Binifadet wines and products can be purchased on site. So you can see how the very best of Menorca wines are made, try them, and then take home a special reminder of a very memorable experience.