Menorca scuba & snorkel

Menorca is a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve surrounded by crystal clear turquoise-blue seas. That’s why Marine life thrives here, and why it’s the perfect place for underwater activities. Travel through the many undersea caves and canyons on a ‘sub aqua safari’ with one of the well-equipped and expertly staffed diving centres. Or simply snorkel among the rocky coves..

Did you know?

The Coral Galleries is an amazing three level cavern filled with natural light. It features the wreck site of French man-o-war "LaLaurette" sunk in 1883 complete with cannon and musket balls.
There are several wrecks dating from Roman times situated near the mouth of the port of Ciutadella. And a 2,300 year old Punic wreck near Binisafua beach.
In 1996 Menorca played host to the World Underwater Photography Championships.

Top tips

A try-dive is often the best way to find out if scuba diving is for you. Most good diving centres will offer them and you can also hire all the equipment, wet suits, air tanks etc...
For snorkeling, buy a good quality face mask as it will afford clarity of vision, and there's so much to see under the waves in Menorca. It might also be worth investing in a good anti-jellyfish skin protector. Creams are available at most Farmacias on the island

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